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Occupational Therapy: Seeing the Whole Person

Participating in healthcare is complicated and ever changing. It involves working with different providers across various settings and often receiving and processing complex medical information. Oftentimes information/education is given and the providers continue on their way with poor or complicated follow up. It is not unusual to experience the feeling of being disjointed, overwhelmed, or disregarded. This can leave us confused and frustrated especially when we don’t see any improvement or believe a provider truly didn’t understand our reasoning for the visit.

Staff at Three Rivers Community Care appreciate these challenges and are establishing occupational therapy as a service to best support in-home and community-based care of the whole person. The application of these services will focus on collaboration between the client, family/caregiver, and occupational therapist and is an effort that truly prides itself on use of focused client-centered care.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy focuses on assisting individuals in completing a variety of everyday tasks that are important to them. Tasks can include activities like pet care, community participation, and modifying environments and/or habits to suit sensory needs. It aims to facilitate best independence for the individual and assists by addressing any barriers and/or deficits met while trying to complete an activity.

There are many different types of interventions that occupational therapists use to support individuals and their