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Our Services

Be confident that you or your loved one is receiving the best care possible in the safety of their own home

Why Three Rivers Community Care ?

Personalized Care

We understand that a diagnosis or a written document doesn't define who you are. We believe it's important to get to know those we serve and to pair them with staff that we believe are a good fit not simply because of availability. 

In Touch Administration

Our administration believes it's important to understand the day to day. Our directors work with clients on a regular basis and the company was founded by Allison who is a caregiver of an adult with intellectual disabilities herself. 

Supported Employees

It might seem odd that supporting employees is a reason you should choose us, but we provide a higher caliber of training and supervision than industry standard to ensure the best possible care for you and your loved ones

Real People, Real Results

​“The staff is the best! My son is happy when he returns home from Three Rivers and his staff have many good things to say. Give it a try. This is a free place to go and you and/or your family member will find something to enjoy. Become part of this great process. Finding place to go and things to do can be difficult for a person with disabilities. Thank you for providing a safe, wonderful, and creative space.”

- D.P.

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