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Founder and CEO Named one of Pittsburgh’s 30 Under 30

Allison Broaddrick (28), Founder and CEO of Three Rivers Community Care was named one of Pittsburgh’s 30 under 30 for 2023. She founded the company 5 years ago as Three Rivers Music Therapy and since has expanded the company’s services to include in-home supports, community supports, and residential services, she rebranded the company to Three Rivers Community Care in March of 2021.

She graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in Music Therapy and is a board certified Music Therapist. She went on to receive her bachelors of Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. During her college years, Allison worked within the intellectual disability waiver system gaining valuable

experience that would guide her professional life. After having a music therapy private practice for a couple years, Allison unfortunately witnessed the lack of compassion, subpar care, and abuse that is not uncommon in this system and felt a drive to challenge the system.

After working in the field Allison noticed the difficulties of obtaining services that truly met the needs of the individual. With this experience, she founded the vision of her company: Providing individuals with the care they deserve.

However, she believes that in order to provide individuals with the care they deserve, she must also take into account her employees who work directly with clients every day. In order to continue to grow and improve Three Rivers Community Care Allison utilizes one of the most important skills of her bachelor’s degrees: listening. While this may appear as a mild soft skill she has proven in the development of her company the importance of this skill over and over again. She listens to the needs of her employees and the needs of the families served in order to provide the best services possible. By listening Allison has “let the needs of the community guide [her] business practices.”

At present, five years after initially founding Three Rivers Music Therapy (now Three Rivers

Community Care), Allison has expanded the company to include more than just music therapy services. The company provides direct support to individuals with disabilities through the waiver programs, occupational therapy, residential programs, and social activities at their new community center in Carnegie, PA. Ultimately, she wants to see a change in how this industry runs and how people perceive it. She values direct care givers as essential members of the team and wants them treated as such. Allison envisions inclusive communities for all individuals with a variety of abilities and needs.

When she’s not working with clients, growing her company, or challenging industry standards, Allison can be found doing a variety of activities. She enjoys skiing, scuba diving, and traveling. Soon she’ll be doting on her first nephew and loves going for hikes with her Australian Shepherd, Summer. She’s grateful and humbled by the Pittsburgh Business Times 30 under 30 award and would like to thank and recognize Elisabeth and Michael Keener for their nomination and endless support of her work.

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